May 3, 2011

Happy May

I am taking some time on this delicious day to write to you in the vain of a recent blog post. Here though, I have traded in the crowded Coffee Bean full of awkward first dates for a more serene, outdoor patio at my neighborhood favorite Coral Tree Cafe. Instead of hearing the sounds of stunted date conversations, blenders grinding out frothy coffee treats, and overplayed top 20 radio hits I am surrounded by a sound scape of world music, little chatter, and surprisingly no car horns! Maybe I just jinxed myself, we’ll see if that holds true through the end of this post.

In my first hour of time here I was sharing the patio with only two other women  who seemed to be writing something together. One had out a laptop, the other an ipad, and they were spitting out phrases like “what stanza was that?” “Do you think we’ve left her alone for too long?” “No, the last time we heard from Jenny she was 36, so she can’t be in this part.” Very interesting stuff indeed. I began fantasizing about them needing a young actress to give life to their characters, choosing the cute girl on the patio who eventually stars in their hit movie, wins an Oscar and takes the world by storm...Too far? Too soon? Eh, a girl can dream can’t she?

Most other people at the cafe this gorgeous afternoon are glued to laptops with earbuds in apparently studying or researching for something. As I walked through the seating area I saw many a word document open, sitting idly while the writer searched through pages of notes and textbooks. Ahhh the joys of school. Reinforces for me how happy I am to be done studying for tests I could care less about. Yes I am talking to you Native American Studies, Air Pollution, and Linguistics, don’t act like I forgot how much your exams made me want to kill myself. This past week I had the immense pleasure of seeing so many of my friends and peers in UCLA’s production of Rent. The show was truly wonderful and I couldn’t help but feel like a proud mama seeing all the younger TFT Bruins coming into their own as actors and performers. Especially those who I’ve known since they were itty bitty freshman. Walking away from the show I was struck for the first time by nostalgia for my time in school. It was the first time in the last year since I’ve been graduated (yes, it’s been almost a year, yikes!) that I missed being in school. The camaraderie, being in shows with ALL of your closest friends, working on seven thousand projects, scenes, shows, etc at once, working yourself to the bone just to finish all your theater and GE homework, avoiding getting sick like it’s the plague even though you know your roommate’s already caught the cold and it’s only a matter of time until you start hacking up a lung in voice and speech class...wait come to think of it, maybe I don’t miss that crazy grind.

In all seriousness though, it was such an amazing experience. One that could never be duplicated and will most likely never be matched in my lifetime. Sure I missed it, but when push comes to shove I love my new quasi-adult life I’m living. (I don’t think I’m allowed to call myself a grown up until I stop sleeping with my stuffed pig --What? Another over-share? Damnit.) It’s fun, tiring, silly, and completely unpredictable. What’s next life? I can only guess.

Here we go, Happy May everyone!

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  1. Great post Cami!

    It was so strange, my dad texted me yesterday asking, "Can you believe it's been almost a year since you graduated?" WOW. NO! I can't. I miss SO many things about school, but I agree with you in that I love the life I live now too. Yes, it's very different, and I miss certain things about UCLA. But the joy is that we CAN go visit and see their shows etc.

    I love reading your blog btw :) you are still as cute as ever!