February 26, 2011

My Two Left Feet

So it has been a while since I've updated.

After my last post I unfortunately got insanely sick, woke up Saturday morning with almost no voice and spent the entire weekend on my couch. Thankfully it was Valentine's weekend and I was able to take advantage of all the cheesy chick flicks being shown all weekend. Not-so-thankfully, my Valentine this year was a studly man by the name of Nyquil. Although he and I hadn't seen each other for a while I was happy to have him back for this year's holiday. The nights were just getting so rough without him! The only time I left my apartment that whole weekend was to hit up Whole Foods for some delicious vegetable soup and orange juice. Like I said, it was a really raucous weekend.
The weekend after that was much more enjoyable despite the rain. I went back to LA and managed to have some good girl time with friends. Saturday night we went out in downtown Culver City which was a relatively good time. I think he highlight of that night was having a very drunk man, attempting to hit on us, tell me that "at first when I saw you I was like, this girl can get down. But now I'm thinking you probably can't dance at all." Yes, my drunk friend you are right. The booze you've consumed has given you extra powers at deciphering a woman's ability to break it down on the dance floor. Thank goodness I don't dance and perform for a living. And thank you for putting your hand on my waist when I have no idea what your name is and I am pretty sure you will be falling over somewhere near a toilet within the next hour. A word to my male friends out there, try not to grope uninterested girls while mildly offending them. For some reason it just doesn't quite work.
This past week of shows have been oddly difficult. Having Monday off we all thought we would breeze through the week. We had been mentally prepared for the week prior because we had known that we had to switch schools almost everyday AND had an added show bringing the week's total to 10 performances. All of this was no easy task, but we knew that. We had a game plan, I went to sleep even earlier than usual (if that's possible) and we all survived. This week we were not so lucky. Tuesday marked our earliest show yet. 8:30 am. Oye. Luckily that day we were at one location and since the second show was at 10am I was home and through with work by noon. Later in the week we had a day of changing locations. The first school was way South in San Diego County and the second was a private school WAAAAY in the hills of La Jolla. Not only was I a little scared for my life as our van was winding up the narrow road, but our un-loading spot was no where near where the performance room was set to be. Apparently private schools don't have loading docks. This being the case we were forced to take smaller things down to the space via the smallest elevator ever and the larger things had to be wheeled down hill on the sidewalk of a busy street and then up a zig-zag ramp into the performance room. Like I said, not easy.
After that load, and the quietest audience we had ever had, we were sure Friday would be a breeze. Although the shows were early, we were in one location all day which usually makes us very happy. Until we got to the space. Our show, best case scenario functions in a 20 ft wide playspace. The smallest we generally allow is a depth of 15ft. This school's stage was 13.5 ft deep. Man oh man. We managed to make it work, but the set up and tear down took much longer and some of the actors had to completely change their placement onstage and their traffic backstage because the space was so tight. It made for quite a tense morning and not the greatest way to close out the week. But then again we just try to smile and say "Ahhh the joys of touring." I cannot express how much this is teaching me about being a flexible actor and keeping a role and show alive for an extended period of time. Yesterday we hit our 35th performance. That's more than I have ever done before. Look ma, I'm a workin gal! It's pretty astonishing, and thankfully, for the most part, I am still having a blast.

Here's to more fun road stories to come.

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